The field of employment law is constantly evolving, and employers face the challenge of having to satisfy their legal obligations whilst also keeping up to date with current trends in the workplace.

In order to successfully navigate this area it is important to have swift access to high quality advice that takes into account how your business operates. Our Employment Law Solicitors work with you at every stage of the employment process and we can support you with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Implementing best practices in attraction and recruitment
  • Supporting and managing staff
  • Getting the most from your staff
  • Employee handbooks and policies
  • Providing support with employment disputes (including grievances and disciplinary action)
  • Investigations
  • Providing advice and guidance in relation to the applicability of TUPE
  • Ending employment (termination, by mutual agreement, redundancy)
  • Support with organizational restructuring
  • Advice and representation at the Employment Tribunal 
  • Representation at mediation

The employment law team at Binghams can support your business either on an ad-hoc basis where such need arises, alternatively we offer a monthly employment law support option. 

Using this approach our employment law team will work with you to understand your current needs and identify any short-comings in your existing employment law and HR operations. We will then work with you to address these issues. This option is fully customizable to support your requirements but can include the following:


  • On-call support for advice and guidance
  • HR guidance and support – where you don’t have an internal HR function, or where you need additional resource
  • Training and development – for your HR team or other stakeholders within your organization
  • Employment Tribunal representation 
  • Creating such policies and procedures as are required
  • Access to regular updates and notifications of developments in employment law

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  • PPI
  • Mortgages 
  • Stocks and shares ISAS 
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Annuities 
  • Unit Trusts and Open-Ended Investment Companies 
  • Venture Capital Trusts
  • Investing in Shares

You should contact our specialist financial mis-selling team today, for a free discussion to assess your eligibility.

Our experienced team would be happy to assist you in advising the strength of your claim, upon review of all documentation you can provide in relevance to the claim.

From this point, our team will handle all aspects of your claim, taking the pressure and anxiety away from an already stressful situation. 

Our specialist team would not charge you hourly – our team work on “no win, no fee” basis meaning should the case not proceed, there will be no charge to you.

Our experts understand you may be cautious with finances following such an event, and work tirelessly to provide transparency and professionalism through their service. 

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