Housing disrepair is when a rented property needs repair work to be undertaken in order for it to be safe and inhabitable for the Tenant(s) to live in. 

If the Housing Association, Council or Landlord fails to carry out necessary repair works to the property within a reasonable amount of time once the issues have been reported by the Tenant, then this is considered as housing disrepair and you may be eligible to make a claim against your Landlord. 

Why should I make a claim against my Landlord for disrepair? 

The premise behind housing disrepair claims is that the Landlord has failed in their duty and repair obligation by not undertaking the required repair work within a reasonable time-frame.

The main benefit undoubtedly of instructing Bingham’s to carry out your housing disrepair claim, is that we will ensure the Landlord undertakes both the works you have previously reported and also works identified by our expert Surveyor (who will attend your property for a visit to assess the defects and inform the Landlord of their existence). 

Aside from the Landlord having to undertake the repair work, Bingham’s will further ensure you are fairly compensated for the anxiety, distress and general unpleasantness caused by living with such disrepair in your home. 


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No, we run all of our housing disrepair claims on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning should the case not be successful, then you will face no charge personally – so you really have nothing to lose. 

  • Damp, mould or fungus on walls/ceiling, 
  • Broken or rotten windows and window frames, 
  • Broken or rotten doors and doorframes, 
  • Damage from leaks, 
  • Issues with defective roofing/guttering, 
  • Damage from leaks, 
  • Damaged or blocked drains, 
  • Issues with paving/pathways,
  • Damaged electrics,
  • Damaged gas and water pipework, 
  • Mice or rat infestations, 
  • Pests, rodents or vermin, 
  • Any other major or minor damages.

Unfortunately, we see many clients who are scared to make a claim as they fear their Landlord will evict them from the property as a result. 

We make it clear to clients that your Landlord is not legally permitted to evict you for making a claim against them for disrepair. 

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